Seashell’s Thanksgiving Weekend

Seashell’s Thanksgiving Weekend

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  • Nov 24, 2014
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So you think Black Friday is only for clothes and electronics?   Seashell Restaurants is having their own special:  ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with ALL those Black Friday Specials, you really do not want to miss out on the great deals out there while you are at home cooking away and left alone cleaning up afterwards.  Why not let Seashell Restaurant give you a hand?  I’m pretty sure you know about the 2 for $7 Daily Special.   What you probably didn’t know about is the family style meal deal…the ‘2 for $14’ and the ‘2 for $20’, which include French Fries and a 2 Liter Pop.  Wow!?!?!  What an Fantastic Deal!!!  

You can MIX and/or MATCH any two items from Daily Special Menu.  You can choose from Fresh Chicken Wings to Juicy Legs and Thighs to Crispy Chicken Tenders.  Let’s not forget that you also have the option of picking from the Seafood Menu as well, which includes choices from Battered Shrimp to Tasty Fish Fillets (either Catfish or Tilapia) to Delectable Fish Bites.  

Isn’t amazing how Seashell Restaurants Deals are so very convenient for everyone?  I mean, think about it.  Why should everyone else get a chance on grabbing the great deals when you have the opportunity of grabbing 2 deals all in one day.  While you shop till you drop, take advantage of the family deals that are offered at Seashell Restaurants.  And don’t wait in line since you have been ALL DAY!!!  JUST call ahead and place the order either for pick up or delivery, and your will be ready before you drop from all that shopping.  SHOP AWAY, EAT AWAY, AND PUT AWAY EVERYTHING ALL IN ONE DAY!!!   NO HASSLE, NO CLEAN UP, NO MISSING OUT!!!  The best part about Seashell Restaurants’ Family Meal Deals is that there is NO deadline.  This opportunity is available just for YOU; ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!!  There is no other place that can provide the best deals there is to offer.  And at Seashell Restaurants, it is the ONLY place where you can ALWAYS…


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